Usually, my form of note-taking is traditional- pen and paper because I find that I remember information better after i’ve written it down (or so I like to think).
However, for this class since my primary source is really only accessible online i’ve been relying on the Zotero app. What I do is when I find an issue with an article or ad or picture relevant to my research, I save it to Zotero and add a note (the note shows up under the listing) reminding me of why I saved that particular issue.

My favorite way of note-taking (I actually do enjoy it sometimes) is highlighting. When I have my own copy of a book and I know it’s something I won’t sell back I really like to highlight. Highlighting is great because it’s like fast annotating…mostly because I’ve learned to not highlight the entire paragraph. Highlighters also come in multiple colors and I can switch up the colors for the specific themes or topics I’m noting.
Sadly, all my books for my history research are from the library…and I know people will underline in pencil sometimes but I can’t bring myself to mark up an entire section of a book that doesn’t belong to me. So, instead, i’ve post-it marked the beginning and ends of the sections that are going to help me with my paper.

*Random-fact about my weird like for highlighting- I borrowed a friend’s copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I liked it so much that I bought my own copy so I could highlight certain letters that Charlie wrote.


One Response to “Note-taking”

  1. hmarshall4 Says:

    I share your love for highlighting and post-it-ing. It helps me visualize my thoughts and ideas. I can put them all down on a piece of paper, and then find things in common and color code them. I’m very anal about organization so color-coding is one of my favorite things.