Most Valuable Secondary Source

This is a very tough decision. I have books solely on hats, lipstick and one on nylon…but since I do not want to play favorites with my 3 icons (you know how fashion can be diva), my most valuable secondary is Twentieth Century Dress in the United States by Jane Farrell-Beck and Jean Parsons.  It is an overview of the twentieth century, but it is a detailed overview. Within the World War II section, the authors provide background information to set up the scene, and then break up the information into categories. The ones most usueful to me are The Wartime Economy, Retailing and Manufacturing, and Fashion Trends- Textiles, Hats, Shoes and Hosiery. These small sections include more than the other books covering the twentieth century. In addition to all that, I also believe it is valuable because it was recommended to me by Dr. McCluskey (teaches Fashion Theory in Dupont).


Farrell-Beck, Jane and Parsons, Jean. Twentieth Century Dress in The United States. New York: Fairchild       Publications, Inc., 2007.


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