Primary sources + Secondary sources

By exploring  Life magazine along with a few articles either from the New York Times, Washington Post, or Chicago Tribune, I see the how the fashion industry pushed certain products to women during WWII. Collectively, my primary sources help answer the question that the secondary sources did not. (How did the fashion industry’s marketing strategies adapt and work with the trends and circumstances of the wartime in WWII?) Through articles in the magazine that describe the trends, such as hats, and ads that promote the consumption of lipstick and stockings, the primary sources give the “real world” evidence of the secondary sources’s arguments (that lipstick was a “secret weapon of war”, that new and different materials for stockings were monumental in fashion’s history, and that the fashion industry in the United States was doing what it could to survive). The constant fads with different styles of hats throughout the issues of Life exemplifies the fact millinery was not regulated and therefore a mean of creativity for fashion designers. Furthermore, the smallest choice in diction for the articles and ads has clearly been thought out by advertisers and retailers and the consist appearance of  hats (whether they are just in photos or featured), lipstick and stockings further shows that the fashion industry was pushing these products as staples for women to always have.




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  1. cameronfiguers Says:

    First of all, I really love your topic.. I think that how women tried to stay fashionable at home while devoting alot to the war effort is fascinating! It looks like you have alot of primaries to draw from and they all seem like they would give you alot of information. Have you thought about trying to find sales information that could tell you how successful the fashion industry was at marketing during this time? It might be hard to find, but it could be interesting to see how women responded to all the ads in Life magazine and everything.