Reintroducing My Primary Source: Life Magazine

Life magazine is my number one primary source for 2 major reasons:

1. Issues come out very frequently so patterns exemplifying importance of lipstick and stockings become evident, as well as the all new styling and creative work with hats.

2. Life magazine is a publication distributed throughout the U.S. and is written for the general public which means it shows what advertisers for the fashion industry wanted the to push to the majority of women in the U.S.

Some specific details I have already found to help my argument that hats, lipstick and

  • stockings were pushed as women’s fashion staples:  “economic size” tubes of lipstick (a fast and easy and cheap beauty product),
  •  hollywood emphasizing women with nice legs at coincides with the brand “beautiful legs” stockings to make the average women feel as if she could have the same legs as the girls in hollywood if they buy that brand of stockings.
  • pictures of hats becoming more ornate as a result of millinery not having restrictions

I plan on briefly trying to find newspaper articles as well that could provide the same information  but with a different perspective. Some challenges with using Life magazine is that it is online with Google Books which makes it accessible but reading information online can be difficult, and I find using physical books and magazines is easier especially with note taking.


2 Responses to “Reintroducing My Primary Source: Life Magazine”

  1. hmarshall4 Says:

    I completely agree about online note-taking. A lot of my primary sources are really old, so they’re on Google Books as well, which is great. However, I wish I had the physical book. For me, part of my note-taking method with actual books is to jot down ideas on a post-it and stick it on the page, but I can’t do that with my online notes. I have to actively remind myself to write down page numbers because I’m terrified I’ll never find the quotes again.

  2. ebroton21 Says:

    I agree with the note taking. I almost always now have to have a physical copy at hand because I have found it really annoying to flip back between windows. I also like to be able to highlight and underline specific areas of my sources as well. Even with having a physical copy present, I also like to write down useful facts with the page number beside them just in case I am unable to find it again later. I also like to write my own ideas as I highlight.