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Past Experience with Presenting in Front of an Audience

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

In the past, usually my presentations in front of an audience went pretty well. In elementary school, I wouldn’t be that nervous but I’d be very quiet. That changed, however, after taking a chorus class  and a theatre class in middle and high school. Volume no longer became an issue, however, my nervous energy intensified. Maybe it was because my shoe fell off under the bleaches when walking up for a chorus performance, or maybe it was because my theatre final involved me being alone on stage under the hot lights performing a monologue that had to involve multiple character personalities…

Nevertheless, I suddenly became very nervous whenever I had to do anything in front of the class or even just reading aloud. That continued until I took a leadership position in DECA (marketing group) in my senior year of high school. Suddenly, for every DECA “social” I had to be with the other leaders in front of everyone, all the time talking about whatever field trip was happening or the DECA competition itself. That definitely helped.

Once I got to college and discovered I had to take speaking intensives classes, I’ll admit, I was not thrilled. Writing papers although difficult, seems less frightening than presenting in front of an audience, but every time I go up to present in class I just try and remember that I actually am prepared for a “presentation.” “Presentation” being like a performance but with less pressure for people to like you. Furthermore, I’ve made it through speaking alone on a stage with the teacher yelling “VOLUME” at you every time your voice drifts off and I’ve made it through talking to DECA judges during competition where they know WAY more about what you’re trying to explain than you do.

So, for presentations I’ve learned that I can do it. As long as I take a deep breath, remember that I know what I’m talking about, and that the awful feeling of my heart jumping out of my chest with every beat will settle down as I continue to speak.

Research Update

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Over the past week I have been trying to find the supports to my evidence I’ve found in Life magazine.

What I discovered is that newspaper articles mostly found in the New York Times are great supports because they are short and are to the point. They talk about how millinery sales increasing throughout the WWII period and how Department of Agriculture (so basically the government) sponsored cotton stockings for women instead of nylon and silk. I am still looking for lipstick details.

It becomes very clear that hats, stockings, and lipstick (once i find supporting articles) were staples in women’s fashion during WWII. However, as for my argument I am concerned about what exactly it should be. As I research I keep going back and forth between A) arguing that YES hats, stockings, and lipstick were staples in US women’s fashion and B) arguing that because of the war  the fashion industry purposefully pushed hats, stockings and lipstick (I would show the examples of diction and use sales as results and the pattern of ads)

Both options are closely related…and I am leaning towards B, but I don’t know if in that version I can talk about briefly the important aspects of each product and how it progressed…